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Related article: In the package © 2003 "C " Cristle DMV. com that a reporter from the Herald, a provider of investigative journalism in the trash (but sold it, boy did to sell ) for more than two years and was long gone, as part of a team, he is sent on interviews with almost unpleasant thieves and murderer or company officials really nasty. has My editor called me and suddenly all he said, to my surprise, "You're doing a good job. This story can be anything, but I want to find what you are about Conrad Jardine. He is a newcomer, living in the suburbs, said very rich, but nobody seems to know where he gets his money, the story is that he plays with people I know that is the usual costs... - mind, but try not to... " " I know the boss, I know, " try not to buy the city, at least not all at once. " They say that every time someone follows... plus expenses. " I told him the needle past. " Yes, I know, and I tell you every time you call me no" boss " too! A" whaddyaan average of "more" ? " " I'm sorry. I mean, there may be additional costs, which is what I mean. "I was not unhappy with what I called everybody in the press called him" chief. " Grinned like a shark. " Go on then. Keep your powder dry. " shit, it was not fair. The chief knew that I was a Civil War buff, he did not rub it in. Maybe, but did not know how" buff " I was. "Boss, how about the IRS? Are they behind it? " " I have no idea to find out. " The first time I went to the morgue I could find on Jardine. There was nothing special, just a curious, an assignment to a lawyer who had once said that Conrad " had no visible means support, love is to play with friends. "That was even a quote from another document. 's Lawyer had not been sued. I had a couple of informants among the many people who spoke with acquired in a fast-food places and local bars, so made the trip to see what I could learn about these Jardine. Billy the Tower of Homage, which might be suspected of his way, orstate, a fence was the only man I could not do anything at all about Jardine. " Look," whispered gently led me back into an alley, we were not going to be heard, "Man is strange, very strange. I know he has a great pack of dogs have. There is a man named Mearns. I've heard... "Billy stopped talking only then, seemed to choke on, entered the face and was powerless against me. I had quickly to the floor and looked around to see what or who could beat him. There was nothing. I knelt down and leaned over her mouth, which means starting CPR, I heard him whisper, " do not mess with the vet... " and that was it. I felt for a moment, then felt her neck pulse... no. Shit! I think he acted more as a citizen, as a journalist, I called the police and waited. Fortunately for me, that Sergeant Len Bristol was the first man on the scene with his partner, Les Arden. "What is going on, Mac? " Len and I were not in the homicide, which is juNo going to listen to the call in the vicinity, and then I saw a figure standing them on the floor.. Len was not a tough cop, who was my nickname. I naturally told him the truth, I knew, but I did what I had asked Billy. " Well," said Les, "what are you talking about? " Like most women who were not directly involved in the flesh. She knew that in my house too. Arden was the working title. " Les, Len, I was asked... " I paused and think about where we were, what Billy and I talked before his death. And I thought : What killed Billy n "What is going on, " "We are not the best place to say what he said, " I replied, home to the best I between the two detectives. " Oh," said Len, seeks to close the hand on his belly where his weapon. "Faith, who was a close in the works? " N "I know, Len," said Les, moved nervously, "but we will take care of the murder scene, so we zoom outI'm here. " " Yes. Oh, here they are.. Hello, Enrique " Henry was a lieutenant thin, nervous, a true expert in forensic medicine, another detective, Sergeant Johnson, then followed the team, photographer, band man, fingerprint man, all the regulars who I know and. " Hello, Len, Les, Mac, " said Henry in his voice. Henry always sounded like it was the victim of the mind, not the auditor. coughed in sympathy, but I answered all her questions. I said I could go to see who I was, so I walked away with Les and Len for the car. " well, Johnny," I said and looked at me curiously as I honestly surprised " What did you say ? " " We were talking about the assignment you have been told that Gus gave me. "It increases your face in a face. She advised me to give back to Gus. " You are on this issue? Oh, damn it, John MacRimmon asked me... " " No, honey, he said, but I can not pull back now Gus Billy. " " Yes, I suppose. "I had to resign to marry an idiot. Sighed, " I know you too well. Well, I think you should stay on the ball. Billy will tell you what ? " Len interrupted. " If two lovebirds have said enough, let's return to the station, Arden. " " Yes.. Sir. One moment, please? " " Yuh. " " John, Billy told you? "N " He said something about the man I am with the search dogs ' bear. " It was something I started saying some veterans, but do not know what the hell... oh! Vet ! Dogs! Vet... for dogs have. Has anyone heard of a bear, you dog? " "What is a dog naked? " Len asked, confused and slow in response, one of his acts. "A dog running around naked ? " He laughed heartily. "Jesus ! Maybe that's what... No, you can not... can you? " was me, I'm suddenly in a free path to this history. If there were something like a hairless dog, and this man gave Jardine a package of them, what a story! theyrare, so maybe easier to find. "Okay. I'll talk to a veterinarian, who learn and go. Perhaps even someone actually shoot someone to something like a naked dog knows. There are cats naked, huh ? " \\ \\ n " Yes, there is," said Leslie. "Remember, Len, who last year.... ? " Now, I saw on my trip to the station where he alighted, kissed near them, and after looking at a phone book and veterinarian. ****** This evening, as I was in bed half asleep, Leslie asked me what, in any case, I had discovered. " I spoke with the vet called Philips who told me of another type called Mearns. That's the name of Billy the Keep mentioned, I think. It seems that Doc Mearns later established convention and we talked a bit about dogs naked, who cares. They said they were the most strange dogs had ever worked in the era of Philipsburg. s not in the phone book of the city. I admire Philips register in the Mearns veterinary practice and practice in a small town about 30 kilometers from the city. "I am the morning to see what about the dogs Mearns naked. " "Okay, lovers, but be careful, huh ? " "Sure, honey," the consider what I can come home. " We have already spoken in general terms together as usual, before bed, and put my arm around the shoulder of Leslie. My other hand slid slowly and easily right on the chest, it invites just under its low-cut nightgown Shorty ready. hand I stroked my cock and stroked her stiffness and chest, as I'm new, so I could kiss her nipples. she loved it. n " Oh, oh yeas, love. That feels good, "he murmured, as in my ear licked. I felt strong and vibrant, smooth skin for more exciting for me depressed every second. My hand moves to his pubic bone, as spread their legs to give me access as I liked and I gently sucked the nipple into circulation. I could feel her left nipple as hard against my chest. she gently touched me, and I Beginning expected to be a little harder, as she said, " Come to me, Mac, I need you inside me! " It was in this way they had when they took a rough restless, so I knew which is good. I rolled on my back and I fitted me like a soldier on his horse and quickly made her pussy wet and hot on my tail. He got me and then just leaned over my lips and tongue, until I had opened it. We fought like that language for a moment or two, and he was back, alternately sucking her nipples as she moved slowly up and down me, waving both to our common goal. I started waving his movements down and very soon... This was a good night, easy, and I spread her peak around the same time, our bodies together in a perfect arc of passion. " Christ, Les, I think I have pregnant this time," I could grab. "I had enough confidence in you. " N " You were the beloved people.... ButI'm on the pill, do you remember ? " " Yes "I tried not to show my disappointment, and I think I succeeded. We agreed that while she was a detective and wanted to stay with the force, I do not got her pregnant. Moreover, we thought if they had a child on a temporary or permanent force, or even improve strength, my job would be much more difficult. I had to do on the road, a reporter for the job at any time within 24 hours , usually while she was at the turn... so I go home with the baby? I kissed me hard and I started feeling better, in fact, was so closely eyes, you might say, just wanted to ask.... " uh -uh, boy. " She laughed, " did very well tonight... I am ready to sleep. hard tomorrow. " " Okay, dear, but I do not think I could not. " " Yes, of course. Think you're a dog or something... an "I 'm a bitch in heat, huh ? " A shiver ran down my back, but I pulled the blanket over us and stayed near Les spoon, only LOVIng the Preteen Lolita feeling of his body against mine with no problems. Happy time. ****** I was surprised when I went to the car to make the trip out of town to the small town where I expected to find in veterinary practice Leslie Mearns. "What's wrong with that, lover? " "day of rest, I am armed, and if this man gives you all.... " " Now now, love, no. swear Well, I think Len did you say you wherever you go, " " I just told him I took a day off to go on a short trip with my husband, he laughed and said.. ? " Good luck. "N ", I guess. Well, let's go. It feels good to know we're together, my dear, you know? " " Thank you, lover. It's good to hear. Where did it was this town? " went to the curb, took out large-scale maps. " Look here. Our city is about 15 miles of this map on the right side. We are on this card. This is the main road, Route 12, diagonally down and sample card companies in the city. It shows the animal clinic where she works Mearns, see and even shoIt houses. It gives the police, here Mearns home " is, this is the dog and cat hospital. It is a place big enough for a small town. " " Oh, if that is true to scale... " " Yes, that's all. So you know where to go. " " SK at a stop gas station, I think I'll call Len and where we'll let you know. " " not a bad idea. much I can find one. " we continue in the small town without stopping. I do not know why, but none of us thought to call Len, perhaps because there is no service stations, restaurants and shops along the road we are. . on the main road, if you do not ask how to place the company's medical Mearns, who threatened to go. We stopped for coffee and asked the guy behind the counter if he knew the vet and he said : " Yes, Mearns Doc... that does a lot for the city. He now runs a sort of experimental hospital and their veterinary clinic. rich people put their pets are very popular around the heart. cure incurable! " That was interestingting. We went and parked in a parking lot big enough that it seemed to share the clinic with the door of the funeral home next door. Interestingly, there were no other cars on the side of the hospital. went to the door and entered a very luxurious lobby and reception area of a veterinarian. There was little, if an animal smell. not the receptionist, a small, dark woman, attractive, looked at us expectantly. "Are Djoué to make an appointment for pet health djour zee ze ?" He asked hoarsely. She kept clearing his throat. I realized that I had dark skin, apparently it was really dark hair on his face, shaved, but a beard.. His short-sleeved blouse showed many short dark hair in her arms. It was a bit scary in mind that the opening of the blouse over the swelling, which led me to his chest had long black hair. I explained that I wanted to talk to the doctor directly. " Did you see that ?" I whispered in my ear, as the secretariat of theand it is very hard to make a call on a cell phone behind. " Hm, hm, looks like the Island of Dr. Moreau", I said very low, and nodded slightly as the clerk turned around. " Ze doctor wants to know who you arre, plizz. " " I'm John MacRimmon, the Herald. I want the doctor about a person I think the interview is one of its customers. Or, the animals are ie " " And Djoué, ma'am? " " I am MacRimmon woman. " " Verry that - ell. "he muttered into the phone for a minute, listening intently, then nodded toward the door," plizz, Zere sroo zen, right iz ze ze offeece doctor. " " Thanks. " walked together through the door. I thought for a moment that was strange to be closed as quickly, quietly and comfortably behind us. " Johnny, I see no door, no? " Before I could respond Leslie, the light went out, and I heard a very slight hiss. My head felt light, I was dizzy for a moment and then said with a voice I did not know, "I know nothing about the ar... doc... who cares talk... that... Right? " Something big moves, but I was very still, trying not to feel for me, though I could Preteen Lolita feel his presence near me. Despite the very strange situation, I was not in the least fear, my heart rate stable?... "How does," I felt good Then came the light and I was standing next to a stranger, a woman, looked at each other with total lack of appreciation I said, stammering a little: "I am.... uh.... " " I... I do not know who I am, or, "he said. " But it's important, right? " smiled. My thoughts adapted to the conditions. I thought it was odd that a dog shows his teeth. A smile used to be a sign of anger, aggression. A voice , a compelling voice, said, " come this way come," We met through another door that suddenly opened behind us had, and we Preteen Lolita were in a bare white room no one was there, the.. ground was hard, gray terrazzo, bright and sniffed and tried to smell that was in the past. All that isNick was the dog. She smelled too much, and apparently all I had smelled. said hoarsely, as if he is accused of misconduct : " You should not wear clothes," Instead of answering, because my throat was too thick to talk to me, I already peeling off of the things that my movements are impeded, the top cover and possibly a scam. My nails had grown thick and long, as it should. The dog had also taken the carpet and we were side by side, not moving much, except to breathe. It smelled like a dog, warm but not particularly attractive at this time. N " Come on, you two, " said the voice of a new teacher. I tried to wag Preteen Lolita his tail at the sound of the voice, to show my appreciation for authority and obedience, but there was nothing to move briefly what confuses me. I saw that the dog had no tail, it was not strange. " Well," said the voice, and knelt at the same time, as it should for a teacher ", which is best suited to their new roles. You will not remember in a short time, but I am the Mearns doctor, plastic surgeon and remodeling of the bodies. Of course, you must provide your name to the values ​​to be changed, but for now we will respond to your audience. John obey him, right? " , to be lamented, could" say " for an answer. " Yeah? Well, Leslie, you know that dog smell familiar? You will obey me. " The dog howled, n also in the way of response. " Sunday nosy reporter, not a woman detective. I 'm going to have multiple injections each. Keep very still, you feel very strange... but of course did not care. I will align your hips and legs, and make their plastic bones do. Do not move, Leslie. " vi, interested in a more individual, as the master, the dog -shaped legs, to make it more attractive and much thinner. He did something to bitch hips wide, so a little more closely, in shape of their buttocks swaying to a more compact form and manipulates his leg, so itsHer heels are bent backward " knee. " The backs of long, bare feet padding was short nails down to a respectable grasp. The dog moaned once or twice, but made ​​no attempt to bite or hurt the teacher, who was so good for them. When she got up on all fours, they are definitely Preteen Lolita my interest... smelled good. Then I had to put up with the Preteen Lolita restructuring, and I found that the dog was more courageous or less sensitive than me, because I cried several times. I felt very strange, as more painful, it would be a real headache, I took it pretty well. " Well, that's all I can do now is," sighed the teacher. "Now I will put in the same spring to overcome the effects of" ennuigen ' soon anyway, you might want to talk -.. Who knows what about -? Before changing your throat and head, because "you will miss your throat and not power. But that can wait a day, I guess. Jardine does not want the new dogs until next week anyway, " Let menteresting, if the bitch in heat should come find you do not know that dog?. It is close. Jardine says that I should enjoy this. " ****** I went to what I thought it was odd that a dream. I was lying on my side with a thick layer of a species in a low area the heavy wire along a wall, a corridor beyond. there were no windows, but there was no lighting. Lying on the floor beside me while I was in my hips was a different way, a woman by the smell... Thassa bitch, I thought, this is the face of Leslie, but why is she bald? I thought I would push my head against the ceiling, like me, what I instinctively ducked my head, but seemed too low space overhead, like the roof... about four feet above me. looked at me and I was very average, I thought, is firmly on my feet. my body was hairless as Leslie and I wondered when God cut and shave. I felt good. I was wondering, are we back in the house that was there and fell asleep ? s over and sniffed me, and she woke up, stretched his hind legs, which had spread from the right angle formed by your upper body as she lay on her side. The floor was covered with thick carpets, as the material and it was easy for them to dig in your feet. " Wha... ? John, this is... you?" She sounded incredulous, but at least I knew my face. We both roll their eyes or turn your head sideways to see each other. Our eyes were oriented to the ground and it was very hard on a short neck, tilt your head back. Leslie 's eyes even more beautiful gray, her eyelashes as long as ever. His face was the same, but they had so many problems like trying to see at an angle of his neck short, to be leaders in their efforts Preteen Lolita to train the muscles of the neck in a horizontal position. Somehow he felt bad for the human head on my body has to. " Sit," he said in unconscious parody of the voice of a teacher, and we sat on our hips, legs naturally in the folds and especially asg, so that the heels were flat on the floor, knees to chest. That made ​​it much easier to look at each other. mom Leslie had changed. They had no breasts and nipples fairly, which I remembered as happy in a vague dream had breastfed. Through its eight barrels were my nipples and when I look at my head to go wrong for the upper body, I saw the same number. While I looked, I saw that instead of what I thought was a dog penis sheath are vaguely my own penis sticking out of my groin, my balls drawn up under him, just the land. I seemed to have a slightly modified the pubic area, too. Inhaled did a lot lips swollen, her crack was visible on the hills. It was also enough to not touch the ground. It smelled different than it was before, and saw my smell the scent too. I managed a question. "I... it is? Do you feel... everything okay?" N " I feel weird, my belly is hot, I have a little itch in my...... what does it mean, Johnny? "" Where? " He got up, turned his head and licked his soldiers. " Oh, that's your... your... smells good, I want to lick, too. " " Yes Lick it, cool, Johnny. " I saw her look forward hatch above me, and she was surprised. "You... anything... everything is rosy, Johnny, and oh... too long.... He has a big knot... doggie.... Oh, smell, lick me! " My mind is quite hidden, I could only remember that I have something to do with this bitch. Ah ! She was in Preteen Lolita heat. The dog got away from me and spread her legs wide back, so I had access to the rear. Her ass smelled different, but as good as its cloaca, and felt my belly swell and elongate along. My balls were hard, he wanted the dog... Oh, it smelled so good, as an aphrodisiac scent, the warmth of his painted back, I like... a... Magnetic.... I approached her, legs rigid. No dog is better to get between me and the bitch is I sniffed and turned away, the smell becoming more than opened my tongue explore. I found it to be much longer and more sore than I remembered, but I did not notice much. I still had a hard time trying to see them up close, I had to turn his head to one side, tongue and nose against her back, but Preteen Lolita I smell much more than seen. She stopped weeping when he investigated quite excited as I licked and smelled bad. shouting "Up, uh- up", the dog and threw me on the back. For a moment complained and around his neck and head naked and started licking me around the hips as we think back and forth, trying to get their delicious smell doggieness hard to find the opening. At last! He slid into her slowly at first, but she was so wet with the juices, which was held at a time when I had to throw in his opening remarks, I intrusion of large nodes, your muscles will not be possible to give. The bitch is back down, then to me, leaned sdrew back as forward. My feet were just below the bottom of the abdomen in front of his hind legs to treat, wrapped his body in the train and had the opportunity to work your muscles to swallow. I became increasingly convinced that she was always this feeling so good penetration like me, she complained impatiently, and I felt the dog hotter and hotter, as I evacuated my hind legs deep into the tissue covering the ground. I could feel my stomach muscles helps me step back and bang around, clutching the dog to the opening and relaxing for me. I felt my balls pull, pull, and the first seeds of the small river that moves the penis inside the bitch. is a wonderful feeling that if ever in a beautiful, but we did not like the hump for a long time. Suddenly, as the feeling of my penis was more than he could bear, the muscles of her vagina, he softened his opposition to my nodes and I slipped to the end of his triumph. The muscles immediately sealaround me, the blockade lasts together, so a total jerk little more hectic and fun trip, I found a shocking climax. I could feel the adrenaline in my penis and semen in her body, waiting for the dog howled, I thought, pleasure. After having been closely intertwined, our muscles tense for a few seconds, it was the wrong time... maybe five... maybe ten... Minutes of my attempt, penis ulcer always a bitch. I cried when she moved, and when away from me, tried to drag myself through this appendix pain, they charge their limits... I screamed and tried to strangle her in the neck, if he had not succeeded. Finally, I believe that our bodies have mutually agreed to relax a few minutes after he failed to slide freely, reducing the nodes to almost nothing. I immediately sat down and licked my semi -rigid or even tenderness, not even a concern for the dog who licked his wounds cloaca, as I was able to glimpse from the cornermy eyes. I was tired, so I went to a corner and lay down, I read my nose against my back, the most comfortable position I could find. I had no more use for the dog. I have been asleep when I woke up I could smell the seductive scent of the dog again, and held my penis for better or for worse and began to feel very willing to give the opening. I could smell the leak at the back of your legs. She seemed so willing to let me into it, and repeat the above operation for a while longer, but with less effort, and ended after being pumped my seed in us or our minds, had learned to relax when our bodies were very excited, and without all the pain and excitement of the last time. I moved freely. I still feel like licking me, however, as it should have, because they were ready and were asleep when a voice shouted, "ComeCome here ! " And got up and shook and padded the door open. I had a fleeting thought for just a second. WhyI obeyed this... Maestro? but the stray thoughts fled as soon as the teacher placed a collar around the neck and tied to a leash. Then I discovered that I believe in some things, but had no other way that practical issues, such as searching for lost sleep as a time between meals and sleep, warmth, food whore. I noticed that when the master on a leash, attached to the dog and I wagged his tail. The dog's head still seemed strange... the front was too flat, not the muzzle, the lack of hair on the head all wrong. Mine was the way he looked, he was sure. ****** The teacher, who had first seen her, muttering what he did every time he did something for us. " Damn pervert. " Thuh Keep women as a woman, you can mash, "said Shays. Jehoshephat ! Bashtard shilly. Geshe he is ready f'r wan Thisha now, huh ? " n over again that he injected the dog with something that made them mourn, but certainly not in pain. He rubbed his rEar to the ground. You must have a hell of a lot of itching. The Master coupled both of us and led us down a long corridor, much higher than our pen and more narrow. I did not care where we go or what we would do, I had to inhale the aroma of the fun for awhile... had it been ? There was a.... something that was in my face, firmly, and I breathed and felt good. I was still a good feeling. the dog does not smell like the heat, but was unsure how it works. We came to a large thick front door. The teacher opened slightly to one side and the door and walked in, I understood why so much of what is said in the suit. ? What I wanted was Another teacher, who said naked, " So you ready," Master: " Yes, but I think that's stupid, can be its only wrong, it's a bitch, no wife, no matter how you fix them now. " " you just do what you say, however, is not it, doctor? "\\ \\ n " Yes " The other teacher sent to our first love the room. He had assumed a kind of bottle of it at first though. " Well, the dog, I'll be your wife, the former detective caught, you'll love every bit of it, they can not help themselves... and I want you to know who and what I am with what he did, and we see, and Eat Your Heart Out. so I do not have to worry about that later worry, I will fix the doctor, when this is done, puppy ! "he wagged his tail, I do not care what he said or not. Then he held my nose and forced me to drink in the bottle. It was tied Preteen Lolita tightly to the railing that ran along two walls, so I could not bear the brunt of fighting forces. Then I came back, and suddenly horrible to be myself... in the body of a dog! I could not speak, but I barked, whined and tried my best to get it, but no hands, teeth are not in condition to drive, that came to me tightly tied to the railing, I could not do anything but see the people take the dog know that mand wife. He had no tail now that I saw, and wondered through my bouts of blind rage, why ? I saw. She had her back against the hand of man, and he moved a finger or two inside her bottom when she wanted to be totally and completely impaled on them. I caught you smell it, so I was not in the heat like a dog. The Preteen Lolita bastard had a few preparations that they want their human intellect was to be fucked ! Certainly, she was on the principle that the spectacle of the man, because he turned his head and groaned with a human face on it, since its manipulation. His tongue was licking, and indeed the other hand! He was obviously ready to be penetrated by the liquid slips into his hind legs. I asked again, what would a man fuck a dog? N But then I realized she was not really a dog, sometimes even in its current form for dogs, no more than probably a lot less now. The man was on his knees, now that his rampant penis just inches from her. There was a sudden smThe noise and the man fell slowly to the side, penis stuck up when he fell and lay on your back, knees bent and legs still in the middle of his torso. A little black stick protruding from the side of his neck. fucking frustrated I turned and looked at the body face down, then slowly and rested his back on the penis is still erect. He began to drag it went limp. And I saw her, and although I did not laugh or mourn, I felt like the two together. Bad bitch ! She could not help myself, but I was glad that the bastard was dead or what it was soft and his cock. In fact it was so soft that it was dragging a piece of meat, not more. I still had quite a few dogs that I wanted the smell, as if in heat, because then my penis hard and his horse could, but no, no... like a nympho things advertised in the paper that had been injected. The doc said the voice in my ears. Of course I understand, I was partman mind, I was gone? "Okay, John. I put out here and give you the calm and then come back and settle in a minute. It is from the census, do not worry. " It Mearns was a doctor. waited... What else could I do when I was tied up?... He Mearns. He looked stunned as the division as part of the canines, but not more inflamed, trotting at his side. " Come on, John," murmured Mearns, as he untied me and unfastened the neck strap. " I will do my best to lose both. It is much more difficult, I have meat again... ah, ha offer! Jardine can know that you expect, please. " now we had not spoken since he had changed, so that Les and I sat and waited and looked at each other, but unable to speak. I blushed a little, but licked his lips and then, suddenly, came the need to kiss me and opened his mouth when I broke up with my tongue. I still could not establish, however. Mearns came up with this other man over stupid duckAfter him. I have tried to bark and made a halfway " RARF " sound. Mearns shook his head and said what he thought was an objection on my part... was, sorta. " He 's gone, it's not people who are not well bastard hurt! " was very difficult to speak in their own way, he was the man. When walking back down the hall from our end, we went to the room where I had to Mearns and worked. I really did not want to go, but Mearns took me by the neck and be stronger than me, I left. Followed, and stumble -bum came last. " Sit," said Mearns, and we and the stranger sat on a wooden chair, driven almost Mearns behind him in time. He broke his tailbone on the edge, but it has not seemed to impress the redesigned and sat in silence, silent, in the chair. Me: "Well, I'll try again, John. It is better first. If I make a mistake... " tried to growl at him, but was unsuccessful. I think it hasI mean, because I thought he smiled, and withdrew. " Look," he said nervously... I do not blame him, " if I work for the first time and make you a man again, then I know I've done well and a woman, your wife, okay ? " N I could not talk, but I sat down and complained. " Well, then? Go up on the table. Lie. I'll give you some ennuigen. It will not hurt, and you do not mind what I do, you know? " N \\ \\ Before I could, I would be injected and in a moment I stood there, very happy and satisfied, let his hands wander down the legs and lumbar spine. I was sorry, but it hurts anything. I could not, is unable or unwilling to raise his head, so I have no idea what he was doing, but after a while he got up again and must have looked at them, because it is a kind of happy moan and put their front paws on the edge of the table and looked at me with his head attached to one side. I could almost swear she winked. Then he must have slept for a while. When II woke up in a chair, a chest strap to hold me upright type. The belt was more than enough to keep me, and much of it was that my right hand... my hand... Could be reached. I was able to break free. " Les? " I asked, and she said my name, weak but clear. And I looked, and she was on a padded table, lying there, a real woman, her breasts and all I could see... She was naked, as in I... new and powerful look good for me. She smiled, and I do not think she threatened me this time. I Preteen Lolita staggered to my feet and went to her. I leaned over and placed my lips on hers and we kissed. I do not know whose tongue in her mouth at first, but he fought his tongue for a while before stopping to breathe. " God is good, getting back to me," he whispered, kissing her easier. " Yeah, I sorta lost... but.... " n "What you're missing a dog? You have never been a bitch in real time... I mean, you're a good woman, a wonderful woman... and yetare, I hope. " " Yes, of course. But you did not learn a few things ? Hon "" "Like what ? Be shot with the bow... or injected the juice happy, so something I would not mind some idiot who Preteen Lolita wanted to do with me... or become a dog, gossake ? you learn something... ha! " " No -o. Preteen Lolita not exactly the love. " Did not something like like me? "N I remembered when I licked. By gum, I had good taste. But then I asked myself. Dulces ", was that because we have acted, and such ever think like dogs, right? " " It's not something you want to retry ? "She begged, kind, and was never able to resist it. Sotto voce, he said, looking at her and winked again, " Mrs. Lilly Big stwong detecatif language wans a man of it, huh ? " " detective damn big and strong woman ' would join her husband and they do want to use your tongue, " did - that was? - A growl at me, his teeth show. \\ \\ n At that time Mearns was again and laughed. "I think once again you are right, right?Fight it ? Come along and see the famous Jardine and how it looks now. " shit. The garden had been, what have you had? Leslie could stop by... what? N " We can stop the bastard what he had done to us Mearns. Mearns, or, for that matter? " I asked, quietly. Knew God, that the document could turn left at the dogs when we go too n was in his case. We were back in" clean room "again. a dog that Preteen Lolita lay beside him on a stretcher, a shaggy dog ​​from head to tail completely inert, rows of tiny nipples cock in y... on uh, oh... that is a male neutered ! n "This is Jardine," asked Leslie, with my arm. Perhaps I thought I would share the prostate attack dog on the table. " Yes, that was the bastard of me, so I never think ennuigen full of myself, until I give the dose yesterday. I think he should be so full of their plans has simply been forgotten. I was smart enough when he approached me to act like itHowever, I confided in them. Hell, I have come here before you, what... I did not know who or what you knew. " " knew who and what we do if we are left ! " Snapped Leslie, all police officers. " Yes, she said. See, here is the wireless headset that I wear. Wanted "He reached into his pocket and showed a small button, less than a penny wide, almost as thin. Leslie say something that sounded like the start of Miranda, but I pushed her and whispered in the ear. "Where 's your gun and handcuffs, my love? " " Len also that shit happens?, Mearns. Tell you what. If the dog will live? Got a bitch? Close the damn dog 'in them, make sure you know who you are, see how you like. " Do you have a statement later this man wanted to Jardine... ? If I ever met... What they do, they refused to do? " the small set- up, Mearns seemed well happy. It took us out of there as soon as humans, not dogs, but the firt, he showed us what to do with Jardine. The dog and three bitches in heat in this pen were Les and I had been, and I saw that the dog is not only regrettable, it does not know what the hell to do with these playful dogs ! It was lick, and then stops, and then try back and they would grab and foot. Last time I saw him, he was licking his soldiers, look at what must have been a good bitch that smells... an entire dog. I thought I might catch a whiff of her perfume, and I know that Leslie is pulled hard on my arm as we walked away. can be ****** I to what had fallen while we were almost dog. I think I like the taste now in order. It's weird, but it seems to taste the same now that I try to remember, then, and certainly not much to moan and move while I'm doing too much. So you could say something good came of this strange experience. Occasionally I will comment on them when we see a beautiful purebred female workerseash, " Man. Would not that I like to have that dog, sure smells good ! " I shot a duck that is easily... Practice. © 2003 "C " u003ccristl DMV. com u003e
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